Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our in-house Sheet Metal Fabrication offers customers a high quality, bespoke service.

Sheet metal fabrication comprises of numerous industrial processes that are used to form sheet stock into desired finished products.

Do you require laser cut parts? Our capability encompasses the cutting of a wide variety of materials, in thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 25mm.

Our CNC Punch allows for rapid processing of thin gauge sheet metal, as well as other materials such as Plastisol and PETG. Punching not only provides economical profiling, but also allows for the use of various forming tools to create 3D features such as ventilation louvres and countersinks.

Do you require folded parts? Using our inhouse press brake equipment our skilled operators can produce highly accurate folded sheet metal components. Whether it’s bracketry, enclosures, or something completely different the team at Lazenby Group will be happy to help.

For more information, or a no obligation quote, get in touch with our friendly knowledgeable team.

Laser Cutting

Material Capabilities:

Mild Steel – up to 20mm
Stainless Steel – up to 20mm
Aluminium – up to 20mm
Copper – up to 8mm
Brass – up to 8mm
Cutting Speed: Up to 170 m/minute

Bed Size: 3000 x 1500mm


Material Capabilities:

- Mild Steel – up to 3mm
- Stainless Steel – up to 2mm
- Aluminium – up to 2mm
- Plastisol

Forming Tools:

- Louvre
- Countersink
- Embossing
- Dimples

Maximum Sheet Size: 2500 x 1250mm

Press Brake (Folding)

Part Length: Up to 3m

Capacity: 1000kN

3m bend length for materials up to 3mm
1.5m for materials 3-6mm
Thicker materials can also be processed.


MIG, TIG and Spot Welding Capabilities


Mild Steel
Stainless Steel

Ancillary Services

Fastener Insertion (PEMs)
Powder Coating