Safe Touch

Lazenby Group in partnership with SAL Systems, is proud to present the world's first commercial self-sanitizing kiosk: Safe Touch, the future of automated sustainable hygiene.

This ground-breaking innovation offers a feasible and sustainable solution, ensuring impeccable hygiene, even in the busiest of environments.

Please note that the Safe Touch application can be retrofitted to existing kiosks.

About Safe Touch

- Safe Touch is the world’s first commercial self-sanitising Kiosk.
- Safe Touch is a patented design.
- Safe Touch is tested to the highest international standards.
- Safe Touch is made in Britain.
- Safe Touch makes labour and consumables a thing of the past, as automated hygiene through precise controlled UVC treatment takes centre stage.

If you would like to see how the exciting product can help save you money, improve customer service, increase revenue and protect your staff and your customers then please contact us.