Kiosk Monitoring Service

Lazenby Group offer a Kiosk Monitoring Service through an application designed to secure, monitor, manage, and report on a range of key operational functions of all devices in use.

The application acts as a watchdog, monitoring key processes and applications and will proactively notify in real-time when errors occur.

At Lazenby Group we offer a Kiosk Monitoring Service to assist our customers in the pro-active management of their Kiosks. The service is designed to ensure that all services are effectively managed to ensure maximum up-time and it allows us to pro-actively monitor performance providing visibility of issues so they can be managed before critical issues arise.

Our watchdog monitors processes and if certain applications should be running and stop, they can then be restarted. We monitor for certain errors such as SMART errors on hard drives to pre-detect them failing and Blue Screens in Windows which allow for further investigation.

The application we use is an endpoint management solution that secures, monitors, and manages business endpoints across a wide range of operating systems and device types.

We monitor the following:

- Temperatures

- Voltages

- CPU Usage

- Memory Usage

- Paper Out or Running Low

- Potential Hardware Issues

- Device Uptime / Downtime

- Interaction data to see how often it is used

The application features:

- Analytical reports
- Custom reports Al based virtual assistance
- Custom branding
- Device grouping and tagging
- Admin to device messaging
- Role based user permissions
- Mass deployment programme
- Firmware updates
- Location tracking
- Remote support
- Lock/reboot
- OS updates
- Execute Custom script commands
- Remotely push and update apps
- Silently install and update apps
- Single /Multi App kiosk mode